Penny worth money to look for! 1962 pennies you should know about!

We talk about 1962 pennies you should know about. They are super valuable so look for them. We will cover all non-error 1962 pennies, tell you what to and where to look for them. The 1962 penny is a penny worth money to look for! If you are collecting pennies or looking for a valuable coin, this video is for you!
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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19 Comments on “Penny worth money to look for! 1962 pennies you should know about!”

  1. I have new 62-D and 63-D Lincoln cents being graded right now at NGC along with 15 other coins, and I’m hoping for at least MS67 grades.

  2. I got a question I found a wheat penny that looks like it come straight from the mint company how do I get it graded?? And do Canadian coins have silver in them?? They sure look like they do..

  3. Of course thier worth looking for !!! Thanks for the information. I’ve saved change for over 40 years I’ve always enjoyed 😉 the hobby BUTTT I’ve had some losers STEALING OVER HALF OF MY COLLECTION” KARMA” WILL COME !!!! I didn’t know what anything was worth til about 2 years ago. I had thousands of susan b . I was working at a restaurant when they first came out started getting them for tips then I started collecting them any chance I got . The bank had them all the time then, lucky if you even can get one at the bank today. I would buy coins at auctions pcgs didn’t know what it meant but I was a coin collector and liked it they were in a covered holder . (Alot wiser now) .thanks for all you do to help ,appreciated MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎅 🎄

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