Rare $7,500+ PCGS Rattler Commemorative Half Dollar Collection Chat w/Gary @WorldClassCoins (Part 1)

I had the chance to speak with Gary from WorldClassCoins ( ) about a set of Classic Commemorative Half Dollars housed in "rattler" holders that he has been putting together. There are 12 coins in today's video, and some interesting insight shared on a lot of different topics, from PVC coins to Gold CAC coins to what Rattlers are to what a PCGS MS67 CAC coin from the earliest days of the grading company might have looked like. Part 2 will be released within the next few days – keep an eye out for it!

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9 Comments on “Rare $7,500+ PCGS Rattler Commemorative Half Dollar Collection Chat w/Gary @WorldClassCoins (Part 1)”

  1. I too like the rattler’s, I have wanted one of the Texas commemoratives, they are beautiful piece’s. Sweet ✌️👍

  2. Hello everyone hope all is well on this beautiful day. I’m puzzled about a find coin roll hunting it’s a 2002 magnet 🧲 Canadian nickel rare or common? help please 🙏 thanks in advance

  3. Very cool classic commems. I’ve started working on putting a set together, but raw in a Dansco. Thanks for sharing. 😎👍

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