RARE COUNTRIES & SILVER Uncovered Going Through Half Pound World Coin Batch – Hunt #30

Welcome to another episode in my Ultimate World Coin Search series, a group of videos where we unbox a half pound of mixed foreign and world coins from all over the world! For this series, I bought some world coin lots and then paid a lot of extra money to supplement it with a better mix… and it certainly has been showing! There has been a good amount of silver, older foreign coins, and really cool countries that I haven't seen coins from before. Hope you enjoy this series of videos as much as I did while I was making it!


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26 Comments on “RARE COUNTRIES & SILVER Uncovered Going Through Half Pound World Coin Batch – Hunt #30”

  1. Theodor Heuss was the first president of West Germany. 925 was until late 1990‘s a quite unusal alloy for coins and medals. I guess this was made very recently. You can often find these collector medals on flea markets in Germany. Actually they are only worth its material.

  2. I enjoy the intricate details of foreign currency. I have been collecting for over forty plus years. Good video.

  3. How are you just picking up a coin and knowing it’s silver, lol, I have a bunch of foriegn coins and don’t have a clue

  4. I love the world coin searches. You really know a lot about them. Because of your videos, I’ve been able to identify most of my foreign coins. Thanks for the info

  5. According to what I found, Chile remained neutral for most of the war. They had pro-German leanings until September 1938 when a failed attempted coup by Nazi-backed forces turned the Chilean population against Chile’s German population. Chile became pro-Allied as they started exporting raw materials, including copper, to the US.

  6. Really enjoyed making this video! Going forward, I’m going to be giving a lot more custom information – this was the last “old” one that I produced. Was a fun hunt and I can’t wait for some more in the future!

  7. Very nice video, Christian! The Algerian coin isn’t very valuable, but the Russian coin is. Looks to be around XF or so. Probably a $50-$75 coin.

    1. Thanks… unfortunately I think I badly underpriced the coin in a grab bag, in that case. At least someone will be happy with it

  8. 5:42 Agreed, it´s a sterling silver medal, issued by a private German company. Heuss was West- Germany´s first president (1949-1959)

  9. Where do you get your bags of old silver coins at bro I’ve messaged before about this and I would like to buy one or two

    1. I buy them from different in person dealers, though they’ve run out for now (I generally purchase their stock as it’s expensive but generally has some overlooked coins)

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