Revealing Rare Date U.S. Nickels After 130+ Years – Ferric Chloride Treatment

Let's reveal some key dates on V Nickels that we got for $0.25 each!! Okay – we might not be find 10 1885 nickels, but let's see if we can find some better date coinage (or even nic-a-date the coins successfully at all) with the $2.50 of nickels I've got in front of me. I've always really enjoyed doing this sort of video, but never have been able to source a bunch of V Nickels, so this is the perfect opportunity. Have you ever tried this method with success? Let me know in the comments!


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13 Comments on “Revealing Rare Date U.S. Nickels After 130+ Years – Ferric Chloride Treatment”

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    1. Personally I traded with more than 3 traders but none as efficient as Mrs Luarzy thanks to her I’ve made remarkable profits from the comfort of my home in the last four months.

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      So am sure trading is easier with proper guidance, especially from a professional since really helps reduce the chances of running into losses.

    3. Wow! I’m so short of words! Her success story is all over… Like people on here trade with laurzy!?. Just wow?! I don’t trade myself but she trades for me gives weekly returns.

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