12 Comments on “Scored a bunch of Proof coins! I’m a sucker for United States Mint proof coins.”

  1. great coins i would like one of your stickers but your email is not in the description i like proof i collect cameos

  2. I don’t collect any of the gold,state,ATB quarters because I thought with my health it is wouldn’t be worth that much by the time my wife inherited my collection which she’ll sell but guess I was wrong $6 and $10 each WOW what was I thinking 😆 🤣

  3. Beautiful coins i usually only collect silver but i might start collecting some of those proof coins

  4. I LOVE the SAC coins! I do not have one in my collection at all. I would love to have one or 2 someday one of each back design. I like proofs alot! Your email isn’t here anywhere. So I can find out more info on getting some of these

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