Should I have an Auction?

Join us on the premiere train as I show off a lot of my copper and silver pours.
I'm considering having an auction for my hand poured pieces. What do you think?
Will you attend if I have an auction?

Will's Treasures 11:00 AM

Silver Bull30 11:15 AM

Stacks and Stuff 11:30AM

Madd Stacker 11:45 PM

Big Red Billion 12:00 PM

PPP. 12:15 PM

Ring Master Ray 12:30 PM

Mrs Coin Crew. 12:45 PM

13 Comments on “Should I have an Auction?”

  1. Seen Mrs. Coin Crew Share this out! New Subscriber 🤘🏻🪙 Big Red Bullion is a good friend I know him from his Big Country Scrapper Channel! CheeRs

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