Should You Buy Gold Leaf Vials? (Scam Alert)

Should you start investing in gold vials and groups of gold leaf? It's something people might be wondering about, especially considering how cheap a vial of "GOLD" might look like when comparing to actual gold coin items. Let's think it through and come up with a fair conclusion!


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9 Comments on “Should You Buy Gold Leaf Vials? (Scam Alert)”

  1. I love your video about the the gold balls I did a grab bag too and ended up with three of them and new right away that it wasn’t nothing and neither was my grab bag

  2. You’re definitely right on this one, Christian! Buying those Gold Flakes are just for show, and not worth anything else. I remember folks, 20 years ago, carrying those little viles around on them, trying to impress someone. :). Anyway… Thanks for the warning, Christian. Have yourself a good weekend.

  3. Not a chance on these Christian. Looks are deceiving. Good on you for passing this on to inexperienced collectors.

  4. What is heavier, an ounce of gold flakes or a one-ounce gold bar? Also, just a one-ounce gold bar is so malleable it can be rolled out to a sheet that will cover a football field. Thanks for sharing!

  5. if you want one of these gold flake vials just buy some gold leaf and make your own way cheaper

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