SILVER CRATERED: What To Do When Prices Drop Significantly – Silver Stacking

Silver prices are known for their wild swings, and over the past week, we've seen some real damage done to the price of silver, for a whole host of reasons. Let's discuss the factors that led to our current situation, as well as their greater implications for what moves silver prices generally and then how to navigate a situation where prices do seem to be decreasing. Should you automatically buy? Seek out opportunities carefully? Or do something entirely different?

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31 Comments on “SILVER CRATERED: What To Do When Prices Drop Significantly – Silver Stacking”

  1. If you have to worry when silver value drops then maybe you should not put yourself into debt buying silver in the first place. I buy silver coins to collect and will only sell when in major financial trouble

    1. ​@richardladow4734 if you believe that, then you must believe that prices are manipulated when prices go up.

    2. @Norm Prices have not been allowed to go up. With $800 gold in 1980 and $50 silver shouldn’t the price of silver be 2 1/2 times $50 because Gold is

    3. ​@Richard LaDowso when price goes to $50 then it is fair market value but when it drops to $15 it is market manipulation. The Great Silver Conspiracy.

    1. Gold is a true precious metal while silver has devolved into an industrial metal.
      That renders the gold/silver ratio irrelevant and explains why silver keeps lagging.
      Gold at close to its all time high while silver lags at under half its all time high proves that.

  2. I think that silver will recover … market volatility will shake out the weak; long-term buy … with target price of $30 longer term.

  3. It reflects the level of purchases. People have less and are buying less. Selling more. Price goes down. It’s an opportunity.

  4. Germany (Euro zone’s largest economy) officially slipped into recession today boosting the relative value of the dollar. When the dollar rises, it has the opposite effect on precious metals.

  5. I have been using eBay for over 20 years, and silver seems to be going higher right now, and not as much sellers are listing…thats just what I’m seeing. Word is that Franklin Halves are going to keep climbing…and 64 JFK’s. Halves are the new “silver dollars”

    1. Those constitutionals are a waste. Just bought 20 ounce rounds for $526 yesterday- not a bad premium.

  6. I don’t want more monopoly money for my silver, I want more silver for my monopoly money! The cheaper the better! When the fiat crashes, what will you use for money?

  7. I agree we need a video on low premium silver but not something so obscure that it is hard to sell

  8. Im looking at this for long term i hope i never have to cash out when im 60 or soemthing i want my family to have this for them when im gone so right now ive been just buying lil by lil spot between 20 -26 as a new stacker all this news everything the thumbnail youtubers tried to fomo me but i keep calmed and doing great so far ,have fun stacking brothers and sisters 😊😊😊

  9. Silver premiums aren’t much cheaper now than they were a few weeks ago when it was at $26 lol. Buy more and quit worrying about the price corrections.

  10. I am a bona fide dip buyer – patience is rewarded if you can bear to go a couple months without buying!

  11. I just started my hobby. I am using the Guide Book of United States coins 2024. For instance I am looking at page 160 in the “Red Book, I only see two columns for grades. are those the only two grades?

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