Silver , Gold and a new Album

Silver, Gold and a New Album

Will's Treasures 11:00 AM
Patriotic Stacker 11:15 AM
Wildwest Stacker 11:30 AM
Madd Stacker 11:45 PM
PPP 12:00 PM
Stacks and Stuff 12:15 PM
Ring Master Ray 12:30 PM
Everyday Coppertunity 12:45 PM

14 Comments on “Silver , Gold and a new Album”

  1. Awesome additions to your collection brother. Bummer that bar wont fit in the holder. Maybe you can force it by lightly filing the edge of the plastic holder that wont snap into place. Really like that Mexican gold coin and that Type set album looks awesome. I always dreamed of filling a type set album with key-dates. Willing to bet it would cost a fortune to do it that way 🤣. Great video buddy, keep em coming!

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