Silver & Gold YouTubers NEVER Say This – Silver Stacking Advice

This is something I've been thinking about for a long time – it's pretty important that you listen through for my perspective here, as you don't want to get caught in a situation where you a prone to losing money. Discern the difference between entertainment and information (good to have both), but avoiding impulse buying precious metals can be a great thing in the longer term.


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17 Comments on “Silver & Gold YouTubers NEVER Say This – Silver Stacking Advice”

  1. Somebody had to say it, sometimes the market changes but the principle remains the same. You must know why you are buying what you buy . Just let the pumpers and dumpers spin off in a uneducated circle jerk. Remember the tortoise 🐢 win the race 🏁Every Time!

  2. The word your looking for…that you have…is Integrity!! Thank you for being honest with good intentions…for having integrity!!

  3. Great info Christian! I do it just for the long haul. I do the rings so even when the market dumps I don’t stress one bit. I am expecting just a roll of Merc dimes today. Something different. EIEI OH MY! 👌👍🏴‍☠️🇺🇸 I found a Pooping horse 2 nights ago 💩 …

  4. It’s the same thing with crypto, stocks, and everything else. There’s an industry behind the different asset classes that are always pumping them. Price goes down? Back up the truck, it’s on sale! Price is up? Better get on board, it’s going higher!

    1. Hi………I just started reading comments after I made mine and your comment basically states the same point I just left.

      Nice to see critical thinking people in this space!


  6. Permabull Pumptards exist in virtually every asset space……… *the most hyperbolic rhetoric I’ve seen are in the crypto space however* ……far exceeding the ridiculous hype sometimes found in the Precious Metals space.

  7. Like you said back up the truck for the silver or gold like in a thumbnail by the time that video is out it’s already too late the metal has made it’s move it’s probably better to do the exact opposite of whatever channel is preaching. In my life I have only seen silver go around the $50 mark maybe twice if I’m lucky to live another hundred years maybe I will see it hit $100 an ounce doesn’t matter what inflation is certain things only have the ability to do certain things I don’t see $10,000 gold or $500 silver Not tomorrow and not in my lifetime and not on this planet for the foreseeable future

  8. A guy came at the shop I work at and kept saying he was buying silver now, cause he “knew” it was going to be worth hundreds the ounce by the end of the year yadi yada. I kept timking to myself “dude, if it goes there, something is going horribly wrong, it wouldn’t do you much good how much it trades for then….” happy you brushed that point in the end

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