Silver Rounds Vs. Silver Bars: Which Is Better For Your Silver Stack?

Silver Rounds Vs. Silver Bars! Which one is better for you as a silver stacker? There are different pros and cons to each, but it's important to do your research before you start buying different types of silver. Silver rounds are quite interesting at lower denominations due to their lower premiums and attractive eye appeal, while bars seem to be the better play for investing in really large amounts of silver – and they can make a pretty good combination between the two of them. Stick around and find out which one is best!


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9 Comments on “Silver Rounds Vs. Silver Bars: Which Is Better For Your Silver Stack?”

  1. *Nice informative video mate. I’ve started lately to ‘stack’ (collect) only silver commemorative coins. :)*

  2. Agreed on maximum size of a round for me is 1 Ozt. However, I do own a few of the Scottsdale stackers rounds.

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