Silver Won’t Save You In An Apocalypse. So When Is Stacking Precious Metals Helpful?

I personally really like silver, but I won’t hype it to the moon or say it is practical for situations where it really isn’t. Let’s think about some of the common misconceptions around silver and cautions that I would make sure to warn people about. I try to be as educational as possible, and when I see people telling others to dump everything they own to own silver for an apocalyptic scenario, I have to pause. There are also some situations where it can be helpful. Let me know if you agree in the comments below!


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14 Comments on “Silver Won’t Save You In An Apocalypse. So When Is Stacking Precious Metals Helpful?”

  1. The only problem with your idea of gold over the silver in an apocalyptic situation is that you cannot break gold down into smaller increments of money like $20 in gold or $50 in gold when one 1 g bar costs $80 It would be so fractional you wouldn’t even be able to split it into smaller denominations or find it in your pocket 🤣

    1. That is a good point! Maybe the move is to go mostly into gold, and then hold a little bit of silver in 90% dimes.

  2. I like how everyone has different opinions and theories about silver. The fundamentals are still there tho, silver is used in almost every single daily function in life from medical to mirrors to war (missiles) checking your smart phones and computers, in bearings, In your teeth cavity fillings, In your jewelry and coinage etc

  3. I have quite a bit of silver, but if someone had the idea to try and rob me, i have alot of lead too😁

  4. I can’t follow your logic. Most people can’t afford to buy gold. With a 1/10 ounce of gold selling for over $200, it will be difficult to use for small transactions. If an Apocalypse occurs, I would not be looking to buy a car or other big ticket items, but things like food and clothing and essential survival items. Most people have no savings and the ones that do would be wped out in an Apocalypse anyway. Buying some silver a little at a time when you can afford it has it’s long term benefits.

  5. I love your balanced approach! I can’t stand when other YouTubers are very obviously salesmen.

  6. In an apolocypse? Probably not. In those scenarios, only raw power and a tight community will do anything meaningful. But in a financial reset where a large portion of citizens will lose their retirement and monetary investments, it’s better than having nothing, especially while the chaos period is trying to settle itself out.

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