Slipping Away?? $75 Coin & Currency Grab Bag Unboxing & Battle vs. @Silverpicker (Season 2, Round 3)

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Silverpicker's Video:

As we get to the midway point of this grab bag battle, I'm realizing that anything could happen, but I'll need a turnaround after this one to eke out a W. We both purchased grab bags from Nicely Numismatics on Instagram, and unboxed them at the same time.. my value came relatively close to what I paid, and displayed a neat mix of world currency, US mint products, tokens and exonumia, US type coins, US silver coins, world silver coins, and more. Excited to see where this battle takes us – check out Silverpicker's video he just released as well!


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4 Comments on “Slipping Away?? $75 Coin & Currency Grab Bag Unboxing & Battle vs. @Silverpicker (Season 2, Round 3)”

  1. Keep the videos coming….the more people see coin videos the more people get interested in the hobby!

  2. Nice grab bag with a lot of substantial content. 3:35 is a folles from Constantinus jun. : CONSTANTINUS IUN NOB CAES / GLORIA EXERCITUS. Worth over here in this condition 2,-/3,- bucks. Greets from GER, U.

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