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    1. Listen man, if I can get a hold of that kid I’d love to do some business with him 😂🎉😅

    1. @VooDoo Reptiles bro I’m not even into collecting coins or precious metals but the fact that he called these coins I can’t tell if he’s trolling or not

    1. @Lion Heart yeah dude even if i didn’t know him, based on the fact that he wouldn’t want anything in return i would just take it

    2. I’d take one an walk back with a wig an different cloths on then send my old lady over there

    1. ​@Christian Boushell polishing it in steel shot more than likely takes off a tiny amount of gold. Whether it shows up on the scale or not we don’t know since he didn’t weigh it after polishing.

    2. @Christian Boushell the weight printed doesn’t matter. When you polish anything you’re removing a thin layer off the top.

    3. @Leo Diaz I see your point. You might just be right but the question is how much is left. Polishing would remove exactly how many grams? Would it matter if it was .5 grams? You got me curious now. Lol.

    1. with pure gold, it’s more just burnishing or rearranging the surface. it’s just too soft to break off pieces like that. i’d be shocked if a measurable amount is removed.

    2. Low key they’re not even that well polished. Since they’re essentially a fancy statement piece (gold doesn’t need to be stamped to worth, well, it’s weight in gold), might as well be jewelry quality polished.

    1. @Christiano Babalao He’s talking about the oils produced by your skin. He’s not joking, but I don’t even know if it matters.

  1. I liked how they printed liberty on the bar as gold standard is something that resonates with liberty.

    1. i couldn’t find any documentation on their website about authenticity or if any third party verifies the gold purity/weight at any point – if it isn’t a scam then they really need to provide some documentation or something on the website bc right now the website seems extremely sketchy. if it is a scam then its sad because they are selling these for thousands of dollars… crazy

    2. @muppy I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment.
      If they don’t have any documentation it and honestly I wouldn’t trust with just them saying their supplier. They should at least let us know how the supplier gets their gold. I’ve seen people skim for gold up in the small creeks near Sacramento.

  2. Finally, my day can now become much easier. I’m sick of laboring over all of this gold. Thanks sir.

    1. Man I can’t wait to get my gold stamping machine my family are poor and have to do it by hand still.

  3. Man’s giving us a tutorial on how to do this like we casually have all these things just chilling in another room of our house

  4. I used to work for a minting company about 10 years ago (large operation). We served clients and governments from all over the world. It’s always fascinating to see and create flawless coins, where some clients wanted only perfection, which we were able to fulfill.

  5. Step one : Buy your gold from only trusted dealers that have a guarantee for purity and weight. Otherwise, ignore them!!!!

  6. People in the comments really complaining how he’s a useless middleman for converting gold into gold bars. Guess what? He sells the gold bars, not the gold. He takes the time and effort to make all his gold bars weight the same and make it easier to everyone who purchases them to count them. He gets rid of impurities and guarantees a pure 99.9% gold bar. It would be like complaining that all a carpenter does is convert wood to a wooden chair.

    1. Besides the gold shot he shows kilo bars as his “raw material”. Which are already refined to 24k and weighed by a trusted refinery. So yeah, to use your carpentry analogy he takes ready made chair and makes his own plus paints it at the end

    2. ​@Hans Kaisernever once did he say “raw” or “material” he said “we purchase gold from our trusted supplier. Hes buying a kilo bar, making 36 1oz bars and banking on the premium times 36. You may try to discredit the skill but you cant knock the hustle.

    3. a wooden chair is vastly different in function than a piece of wood a gold bar that says liberty is not at all different from a piece of gold the same mass

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