Stack the [BEST] 1/10 oz Gold Coin Collection

Check out my growing stack as I REVEAL my NEW favorite piece yet! Join the 1/10 oz gold coin challenge! Buy a new 1/10 oz coin every month and build a 1/10 coin, 1/10 gold collection. SpegTacular asked us to join him in buying one 1/10 ozt gold coin every month during 2021. I never thought I would buy fractional gold, but now I plan to fill an entire coin capsule tube with various 110 oz gold coins!

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✔ Coin Capsules and Tubes for 1/10 oz Gold Coins
Black Ring, Black Lid:
White Ring, Black Lid:
Direct Fit, Red Lid:

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0:00 Intro
0:38 1 oz Gold Coins
2:30 1/10 oz Gold Libertad

3:46 Capsules for 1/10 Gold Coins
5:56 1/10 oz Gold Maple
6:23 3g Gold Panda

7:41 1/10 oz Gold Britannia
8:44 1/10 oz Gold Krugerrand
10:22 BONUS! Gold Mercury

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48 Comments on “Stack the [BEST] 1/10 oz Gold Coin Collection”

  1. Nice coins. I am excited to get some of my first gold coins here soon. Hope to get a 1/4oz and a 1/10oz. And Spegtacular is pretty cool. I enjoy his videos as well.

  2. Just pulled the trigger last night on a 1/10 oz. Britannia for $204 from Hero Bullion to add to my “jr. gold tube”. Also have a 1/4 oz. AGE—Type 2 on the way. (But I still love my silver enough to hit the LCS later today for some Constitutional!)

    BEAUTIFUL Golden Mercury‼️

    Enjoy the weekend, my friend! 😉👍

    1. I saw that deal! NICE! And I think I’m gonna have to adopt that term “Jr. Gold” haha.. Still no 1/4 or 1/2 oz for me.. I’m sure that will happen once I run out of 1/10 oz gold coin options.

      Always great to see you, Pro… I mean OO!

    2. @Origami Outlaww Did you have to give info to Hero? They ask for drivers license/SSN I’ve noticed and every time it stops me in my tracks

    3. @Silver Forever It’s for Anti Money laundering regulations. 12 CFR Chapters I – III and the Fincen Final rule on ID&V

  3. Good advice 👍. Some stacking is better than no stacking! Paper has no value! I managed to pick up 1oz of gold every month this year ,and 6 tube of silver in November/ December so far 😀. Keep stacking!

  4. First time to see you content, really well done and I totally agree. Silver is my first love buy at some point you gotta move to gold if for nothing else to save space!

    1. Well said.. Silver is definitely my first love, but I am pretty diversified in metals and beyond. Check out some of the videos in the catalog, I’m sure you’ll find some more you’d like.. I put a lot of time into this, and it’s very rewarding to see folks like you discovering the channel and finding it valuable. Glad to have you with us, McLean!

  5. Just picked up my first 1/10 gold maple leaf, I’m hooked now and I have a personal goal of a 1/10 Oz gold coin per month. Great content very helpful 👍

  6. I love the variety of 1/10 gold coins you have! I love the 1/10 gold Britannia’s and maple leafs. I hope you can show the Krugerrand in a capsule, and a 1/10 philharmonic in the future. What a great series and challenge, thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful coins with us!

    1. Thank you, Sebastian! The phiharmonic is definitely on the shortlist.. I put the krugerrand in the capsule right after the video, so you can see it that way next time!

    2. Be sure to check out Spegtacular– he was the one to propose this challenge and just recently posted a video completing the 12 months!

  7. The treasure chest!😳⛵️⚓️. LOVE IT!!🧡

    Fractional gold like the 1/10oz is how i got my toes in the water and eventually got my first 1/4 oz. Small steps. That Libratad, bruh… I’m jealous. 😅😁

    Also, I’m definitely going to grab some of those black ringed capsules. You’re right it makes it POP!

    1. Dang now you’re the one energizing me! Those libertads were a total score, I think some of the old school LCS owners aren’t aware of what they’re selling for nowadays!

  8. Wish I would have been aware of the 1/10 AGE a long time ago.. I would have liked to have accumulated a complete date set. I only started collecting PM at the end of 2018.

    1. Depending on where you buy, you could probably still get a bunch of the dates.. 1/10 AGEs are fairly common to find at the LCS in my experience

    2. Yes, I know. But my OCD will kick in and I’ll be compelled to pay more for harder-to-get pieces. I think I am just going to concentrate on getting the best price and forgo the “collection” aspect.

  9. Just ordered my tenth oz Maple Leaf! I like the edges, so I use the clear, direct fit capsules. I match with quarter oz, so they all fit in the same tubes.

    1. Excellent! Congrats on your purchase and it sounds like you found a good working solution to store both your tenths and quarters together. At a certain point, keeping this as simple and consolidated as possible is an asset in and of itself!

  10. I bought 50 of these 1/10 oz britannias, eventually I came to the conclusion that the extra premiums I paid was a poor decision.
    The 1/10oz is 3.1gram is extremely tiny, whilst a half sovereign has much greater surface area for not alot of extra weight difference and lower premiums.
    Also the sovereign has a monetary history reflected in different dates and commemorative designs going back hundreds of years.
    BTW, if you expand security features in physical scale for bigger coins, they would become easier to counterfeit.

    1. Good point about the security features. I only have 1 sovereign right now, but it’s a fantastic one— the 500th anniversary (video: !
      I personally love 1/10 oz gold coins, but I definitely consider them collector’s items (for me personally) — I only have a few duplicates here and there. Hopefully you have a found an outlet for some of your tenths where you can recoup some of that extra premium. Do you think you might find someone who would be willing to trade a 1 oz for 9 x 1/10 oz?

    2. @Silver Forever I sold/swapped them for desirable 1oz britannia designs within the family, so if I need fractionals I can swapped back for my spare 1oz QBs.

    3. Awesome! I really wish I had the full QB collection, I think it’s the best series out there

    4. @Silver Forever you could short cut to a 1kg ag completer, I bought one because it seemed the RM didn’t seem to be bringing out a 10oz.
      Then they did, some months later. The QBs are represented all on the one big coin.
      I thought I had achieved my bucket list, then I found out that the RM released a bully version of the1oz gold standard in 2021, if you have that, I could swap ot a 1oz au completer or 4 x au 1/4oz QBs.

    5. I actually just did a video about the 1kg Ag completer last week! I bought one at release, it’s one of my favorite pieces. The most fascinating thing about that coin is its face value of 500 GBP— in a league of its own!

  11. I got the all clear capsules from on fire guy, but now seeing yours, they stand out so much better with black ring! Thanks for the awesome video!!

    1. Thanks, Chuck! Something about the black ring just really appeals to me! I need to check again, but I think I’m close to 20 different kinds of 1/10 oz gold pieces in my collection– I’ve made a few more 1/10 videos since this one

  12. I absolutely love that Krugerand since 1980 is my birth year. I plan on getting one maybe next month because I’m filling a tube too so I will check my LCS for a 1980. Nice coins you got.

  13. 1/10 ounce is the gateway into gold for many of us. One a month is a very reachable goal for me. It does add up. Btw I prefer the clear capsules so you can see the edges. That proof gold Libertad is beautiful. The gold Mercury Dime was one of my 1/10 ounce purchases earlier this year.

  14. I’m in uk so I stack half sovereigns, they’re slightly bigger than the one tenth but they’re low premium here so they’re cheap (ish). My favourite one tenth is the Isle of Man angel. Just subscribing. Great channel dude

  15. The treasure chest is a nice touch. I’ve been reorganizing everything and putting them into chests with a lock and key of the treasure style. I’ve been aiming for a ratio of 1/10 gold for every 5 oz of silver lately.

  16. Just started my 1/10 challenge so far I Have 3 Brits and 5 Eagles….. thanks to Speg for the challenge and all those who took it up a reported on it… got me inspired

  17. Not a fan of fractional gold, though I get the attraction (affordability, size, diversity of artwork, etc). The only one I own is a 1994 1/4-oz Singapore commemorative coin I purchased while living there. Otherwise, my gold of choice is 1-oz bars and coins.

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