STOP BUYING THESE TYPES OF COINS: Buy Authentically Rare Coins

Moderns may have done well recently, but shouldn't the expensive stuff be the ones that are actually rare??


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9 Comments on “STOP BUYING THESE TYPES OF COINS: Buy Authentically Rare Coins”

  1. Yep avoid manufactured scarcity. Those coins are not whiskey and don’t tend to get better with age – at least not in YOUR lifetime.

  2. Very cool… how do you avoid it very paying what a coin is worth? I’ve been lightly collecting passively through searching my coins… but if I wanted to buy something truly rare, how would I know to bargain or haggle? Or if I’m getting ripped off on offerup or even a store let’s say…

  3. Hey brother , are you collecting coins ..i seen the quarter video the 1964 , but i have a silver one with many mistakes on it in letters and doubled .. also the 1941 .. would you like to send you a picture of it ,?? Also are you buying coins .. rare and silver coins for USA and Canada and other countries , if interested, how could contact you , or where can i sell these coins quickly without be robbed..thank you

  4. I’ve got a nice almost uncirculated 1928 peace silver liberty dollar, MS 66+ how much should I list it for

    1. Your two statements have about a $39,000 difference. “Almost uncirculated” puts you somewhere around $400. “MS 66+” makes you the owner of the finest 1928 in existence, with an estimate of $39,600 by grey sheets. The fact that you don’t know the difference between those two terms makes it highly unlikely that you have anything close to the high grade. If you do, send it in to get graded so you can actually get the high profit. No one is going to pay big money for an ungraded coin.

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