Super Rare Ancient Coin Spotlight With Curt Gammer – The Original Branch Mint Proof?

Had a super fun time asking questions about one of Curt Gammer's ( ) favorite pieces of coinage he owns out at Witter Coin U! There is a ton of information that Curt explains along with history and fun commentary – hope you enjoy learning more about the coin as much as I did.


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14 Comments on “Super Rare Ancient Coin Spotlight With Curt Gammer – The Original Branch Mint Proof?”

  1. 5/5 strike, sure, mint state would be weird thought. There is quite a few wear on the obverse and the reverse is really scratched.

  2. Nice ! Egypt, Ptolemaios I., Tetradrachme (Ptolemaion Basileos). It´s not in the best shape, but seems to be genuine. Coins of this type were the Dollar of the antique world. Be aware that there are tons of forgeries on the international markets.

  3. I certainly would not give this a 5/5 strike! If I were grading this coin, I would give the obverse F-VF, and the reverse aF.

    1. The strike is arguably 5/5, but the surface is more 2-3/5 and overall it is clearly not mint state. Probably F-VF in my opinion. The strike is strong thought in my opinion.

  4. I’m so Jazzed, Ancient coins are amazing. The History, Art, the Drama and the Stories. I so add this to my collection, if it was not for cost. LOL Enjoy all your guests. Take care.

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