Super rare penny you should know about! 2001 penny worth money!

We talk about super rare penny you should know about; the 2001 penny worth money that was struck at the Denver mint. But, it gets better-you can find this coin in your change.
This very especial penny is the only 2001D penny of that kind, known to exist. Our theory is that if there is one, there is usually more, so always check your change.
Thank You for watching and again, always remember to check your change.might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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14 Comments on “Super rare penny you should know about! 2001 penny worth money!”

  1. No I did not know about this mule coin. Thanks for sharing!!
    Love learning about coins!! Great videos you put out.

  2. Did not know !!! Thats why I watch every on of your vids !! Im a “Pocket Change Hunter”. I buy all of my friend and family’s change !! Thanks JB !!

  3. This had to have been done by a min worker. I’m sure they made a few so the ones they kept could be valuable.

  4. Thanks for the great info Yes I actually have seen this coin it’s amazing I wish I could find one well maybe one day I will

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