Texas Coin Dealer Talks Today’s Coin Market, Lessons Learned, & Bold Takes | @Acousha Collectibles

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We sat down to discuss a lot of the recent market developments and how Drew is evolving in his journey as a coin dealer down in Texas. He is focused on hitting a lot of coin shows and working hard to flip as a wholesaler, and recently has amped up his content production on YouTube, which has been a great part of his growth as a dealer. We cover his new 2022 dealing business model and a lot of questions related to what he has been up to on a day to day basis.

0:00-4:09 Intro & Market Update
4:09-5:51 2022 Coin Dealing Business Model
5:51-8:33 How Acousha Collectibles Has Been Finding Success In Coins
8:33-10:23 Failures In Coins – Buying Coins With Hairlines
10:23-12:21 How Drew Haddock Approaches Going To Coin Shows
12:22-15:11 Large Vs. Small Coin Shows
15:11-16:25 Making Relationships With Coin Dealers At Shows
16:25-19:44 Coin Market: Dealers Vs. Collectors – Where Is The Demand In Coins?
19:44-21:34 How Do You Pay For Coins You Need To Overpay On?
21:34-23:09 Slower Moving Inventory
23:09-25:38 How Starting A YouTube Channel Changed Acousha Collectibles’ Coin Dealing Business Model
25:38-27:46 Work Life Balance Of A Young Coin Dealer
27:46-29:31 How Will The Coin Industry Change In The Next 5 Years?
29:31-31:08 Why Are You Sending Coins To CAC?
31:08-33:43 Work Life Balance Of A Young Coin Dealer
33:53-35:04 You Need To Be Starving As A Coin Dealer


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9 Comments on “Texas Coin Dealer Talks Today’s Coin Market, Lessons Learned, & Bold Takes | @Acousha Collectibles”

  1. Every thing is up from house prices to the cost of food. All metal is down along with oil. Prices on coins and currency is up but being the summer season sells slow till September. Hopefully prices will jump on precious metals by late September/ early October. Check out Drew’s store and channel.Great guy.

  2. Im friends on FB with him and I messaged him asking if he had a certain coin and the dude never awnswerd. He hasn’t even looked at it but that’s ok my money will go elsewhere.

    1. @Luxury Zynk cause i want it too be. Why does it bother you so much you have to spend your time asking?

  3. Trader Town just to understand the basics of coin dealers regarding the spot price is it common or uncommon that coin shops makeup their own spot price and not follow Kitco just to increase the price so employees will make more besides their salary? For example I just called to a coin and jewelry store their gold spot price is about $100 to $105.00 over spot is that the right average if not what would be the average spot price without going too much over?

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