The $100,000 World Coin Finale Consignment Unboxing: Incredible South American & German – Part 3

It was such an honor to have the opportunity to transact and support this coin collection in helping it realize its full value. From rare 1100s bracteates to high end 1500s Thalers to better 19th century 8 Reales, I had such a fun time going through this unboxing (and forgive me for the extended videos). I'm excited to keep you all updated in terms of the results – stay tuned for what happens to these items over the next few months!!

Part 1:

Part 2 (Releases 8/12):

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15 Comments on “The $100,000 World Coin Finale Consignment Unboxing: Incredible South American & German – Part 3”

  1. This collection is perhaps nicest that I have ever seen … remarkable, magnificent coins with toning. The German coins are really special.

  2. I am gobsmacked, with this collection of coins. Christian, you are awesome for honoring these coins and the family that own them. You sir are doing them right. Thank you.

  3. Some dude took these tiny envelopes, carefully placed them in his typewriter, carefully noted all the info while manually making sure that each line of text was centered. That’s a serious bit of work.(and light OCD 🙂 🙂

  4. The scumbag who payed 800 bucks for the other box can’t escape karma. Sooner or later he’ll pay for this scam 10-fold the real worth

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