The 4 Golden Rules Of Silver Investing?? (My Opinion)

A recent commenter on one of my videos shared his "4 Golden Rules For Investing In Silver," and here is my reaction. I personally believe that he made a lot of really good points, but I would take some of what he had to say in a slightly different direction. Let me know your thoughts and how you might react in the comments!

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3 Comments on “The 4 Golden Rules Of Silver Investing?? (My Opinion)”

  1. I agreed wholeheartedly with all 5 rules – until the banking fiasco in 2008. Since the writing was on the wall that the US Dollar was going to eventually collapse, those sound rules are going to be thrown off a cliff. Paying off your property, buying silver, gold and some storable food (all for insurance basically) is a better way to go in this unstable economy IMHO. Using your cash to buy a couple of chickens wouldn’t hurt either.😆

  2. i would never invest in silver. a losing proposition all the way around. numismatic coins gives you a better value in the long run. you made a case for not investing in silver……………premiums which you will always lose to the buyer.

  3. Rule # 1 of investing: All investments have risk. There is no such thing as a sure thing. “Invest only when confidence is high that the asset will hold or gain in value” Isn’t that what they say about crypto. How about art. Or even real estate. To me the number one investment asset to hold is my house. It is my shelter and I can make money out of it. I have land so I can grow stuff. I can convert one room into an home office so I can work a part time gig. I can use the garage as a shop. Always take care of your house even when the value goes down, if it is yours then you are set.

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