The $50,000 Mule Wheat Penny From 1959 That Shouldn’t Exist – The World’s Most Controversial Penny

This 1959 penny is one of the craziest and rarest coins in the world – but the big question is, is it real? The front of the coin shows a 1959-D obverse minted in Denver, while the back shows a Wheat Reverse, something reserved for pennies made from 1909 to 1958. The government examined this coin and found it to be real, while the major coin companies don’t see that it is fake, but also don’t want to authenticate it – it’s a real conundrum. Regardless, collectors have paid tens of thousands to own it, and it’s a great reminder to keep your eyes peeled when looking at pocket change or coin collections for anything out of the ordinary.

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19 Comments on “The $50,000 Mule Wheat Penny From 1959 That Shouldn’t Exist – The World’s Most Controversial Penny”

  1. Crushed the like button! Amazing discovery! Thank you so much for sharing! Excellent video!

  2. У меня есть эта монета.Только она не “мул”.Сколько она стоит?

  3. Since the mint has verified the coin I dont see why no one will grade it plus wheres theres one theres two


  5. What would you do if you found something like that in your change….🤔 Faint first, then….who knows, LOL.

  6. Dear CHRISTIAN, OH, My God I never knew there was one of those out there, how wonderful and fantastic!!!GARY BAILEY KING OF DARKNESS

  7. Buonasera tengo La moneta penny deL 1959d s’è ti interessa fammi sapere qualcosa grazie ciao treusure Town rosario

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