The $58,000,000 Ounce Of Gold – World’s Most Expensive Coin Item Graded by PCGS: Casascius 1,000 BTC

(Link to Articles Below) Let's go over some recent coin news – PCGS has certified what is now the most expensive coin item or numismatic item in the world. I would probably consider it a token… let's go through the recent news and think through what it is, how it got graded, what has happened to it, and its value relative to other collectibles. Should it count as a coin, token, or numismatic item, or is it something completely different? The reason it is so expensive is completely removed from its production or numismatic value, which I think is something different from a true numismatic rarity. Still… it's the most expensive ounce of gold, but let's hope it doesn't get melted for bullion value.


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  1. It is not backed by any Government so it is to me non numismatic. It is no different than a stock certificate.

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