The Cent: Complete History and Evolution of the U.S. Penny

This video aims to give a complete overview of one of the first coins in U.S. history that has evolved and changed immensely over the years but still remains a fan favorite among collectors. Starting out with the Chain Cent and moving up the line, we go over the specific history, symbolism, changes, and values throughout what many consider to be the greatest denomination in U.S. collecting history. Hope you enjoy the video and are able to gain a lot of interesting numismatic information from it.


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35 Comments on “The Cent: Complete History and Evolution of the U.S. Penny”

  1. Hey there,

    I recently subscribed after I began collecting American coinage. Your videos have been informative and usful.
    I’ve been collecting British coins for some years, that’s where I’m based.

    I recently found a One Cent coin, I know nothing about it.
    I watched to find out more about it but none of the designs shown were similar to what I have.

    You mentioned Civil war token cents but didn’t show any so I’ll investigate these later.

    My unidentified coin depicts Washington. You mentioned Lincoln was the first President to be shown on a cent.
    There is no date and the design is the same on the reverse as obverse.

    If you had any ideas on what this could be I’d appretiate the insight!

    1. Thanks a bunch! You can send a photo to my email and I can do my best! Could be a private token or something.

  2. Wow! My favorite is the Braided Hair cent! I like how you show each side of the of the cents along with the information about it!


  4. #14:18 Lincoln Head/Wheat Backs are the first US coin for “regular circulation” to feature a past POTUS. The 1893 “Columbian” commemorative Half Dollar was the first US coin to feature an actual person of history.

  5. # 15:20 There are suppose to be a few 1944 galvanized steel cents made as well (just as rare as the ’43 Copper). The “left over ’43 “Steelies” planchets were turned into Belgian 2 Francs/Franks coins in 1944 or 1945.

  6. Great history of the penny … particularly like those early ones! Glad that they still have kept Lincoln on the penny!

  7. Great overview of US cents, a lot of stuff I forgot, long time since I read up on them. Thanks. Bill

  8. Christian you, your videos, topics, an knowledge are amazingly useful. My kids and I have followed your show all this first year of collecting. Please keep them coming. Thanks

  9. Ok, I just finished watching all your complete guides/evolutions on all the US coins…👌🏼 My question though is why didn’t you make videos in the series on the obsolete coins like the 2-cent and 3-cent coins…🤔❓ When can we expect those videos on those coins…💁‍♂️❓

  10. Ty for this lesson on the history of our currency. Great video, keep up the good work!
    The Lincoln cent is one of the most collected coins by numismatists and coin collectors anywhere!

  11. Those Lincoln Bicentennial pennies might not be worth something, but they’re really great looking coins.

  12. I have been watching the series you made on all the different coins and their history and I can’t get enough. Listening to them to memorize the years and features helps alot with trying to memorize. Thanks for the great series!

  13. I used this video as a homeschooling tool when discussing symbols of the USA with my kids. It was interesting to see the progression and differences to the cent over the years. Thank you for the helpful video!

  14. Actually the first penny issued by the US federal government before the chain cent was the FUGIO cents of 1787…
    This cool coin was re-categorized from the colonial category and is considered to be the first of all large cents bearing no indication of value..
    It is a very good spot for a type collection for cent’s and can be used in place of the chain cent since it’s so hard to find the 1793 chain…

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