The Dollar: Complete History and Evolution of the U.S. Dollar Coin

One of the most iconic denominations around, the U.S. dollar started in 1794. Since then, it has undergone tons of different designs (over ten) and I'm here to cover all of them. In this presentation, we'll go over the different facets of the dollars in terms of their histories, errors, values, and neat tidbits of information about how they evolved and why they did so. I certainly learned a ton about the coins as I made this video and I hope you do too!


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26 Comments on “The Dollar: Complete History and Evolution of the U.S. Dollar Coin”

  1. Great video with awesome info! One question, why did they stop minting the peace dollar for a few years

  2. Don’t forget that the mint started a new series of dollar coins a few years ago called the Innovation Dollars which are still the small gold dollars but with reverse designs that display “innovations” from each state and territory. The program is slated until 2032.

  3. You should’ve briefly mentioned the “Spanish (Mexican) Milled Dollar” as the basis for our Dollar coin(s), and showed a picture of it.

    1. true! although per the title it isn’t technically made by the u.s. which is probably why it wasn’t included

  4. You should’ve noted the difference between the GOLD Dollar of the 1850s and the “Sacagawea” GOLDEN Dollar (of Recent.

  5. Great subject Christian. I just recently finished the years ( not all mints though ) of the Morgan’s, Peace, and Ike. I love the sound of silver.

  6. As always, you have made a highly informative video. The history has two extremes: the incredibly rare and expensive early silver coins evolving into unpopular, unused and frankly unloved modern “golden” dollars. You Americans really haven’t embraced giving up the one dollar note, thats why all modern dollar coins have flopped.
    Here in the UK, the one pound coin was launched in 1983 to replace the one pound note. The coin would buy you 5 pints of milk in 1983, it had considerable buying power. It was an unpopular coin at first, but by 1988 all pound notes had been withdrawn from circulation. A pound became a coin, and by the 2000s a very widely counterfeited coin. I remember the fakes. By 2015 the pound coin was horrifically outdated, and so the Royal Mint launched a new 12 sided bimetallic pound coin in 2017.

    Stay safe and well.


  7. 9:10, I wish I could get a heavy circulated morgan for 17 dollars. The silver dollar’s prices have such a high premium that I can’t find any under 20 bucks.

  8. Food vending machines are capable of taking the modern dollar coins and the Susan B. Anthony dollar…👌🏼💯✔

  9. Great video,thank you. All I need to complete my dansco 70/70 is a nice Seated Liberty no motto but I haven’t been able to find one that isn’t cleaned…

  10. I would like to ask , is there any 1000 dollar coin in US that was created 1357? It has a date on it, 1357 , we’re wandering if it’s a dollar coin or a medal

  11. i found two coins in my grandpa’s collection 1.1840 seated liberty CC one dollar 2.1874 S trade dollar

  12. i’m glad I got into crypto when I did because it’s been a turning point for me financially,been my best decision so far

    1. Yeah she is one hell of a genius,i grew mine from 4k to 38k with her as well,though not as much as yours but it flet

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