The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made on Pawn Stars

These are the MOST EXPENSIVE Purchases Ever Made on Pawn Stars!

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56 Comments on “The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made on Pawn Stars”

  1. The pro: It’s worth $500K.
    The seller: I want $100K
    Rick: I’ll give you $10K. I’m taking a huge risk here..

    1. Jesus how many times am I going to hear this same fucking joke word for word. I swear every P.S. vid has this exact “joke” at least 4 times

  2. Who in their right mind would sell their gold and silver to a pawn shop and get the lowest price when they could just take it to where the pawn shop would after he’s left.

  3. There was an episode rick paid 90,000$ to a customer that brought a pure gold rod he fished out of the ocean while treasure hunting close to Florida. The gold rod had actual coral growing on it which made it shipwreck gold, which in turn made it more valuable than even the weight of the golden rod.

    1. No he didn’t. The expert said melt 2 meaning melt price x2 and it was 24,000 in melt. I literally watched it yesterday. And it was from Texas or the southern Carribbean. You lied about everything

  4. rick: *sees gold bars* “ill give you ten bucks each. im taking a huge risk here”

  5. If you have a highly valuable and rare item, why would you bother with rick? I’d get it to auction myself and cut out the middle man.

    1. I used to own an auction company. On high value items, an auction house such as Christie’s would likely charge a 30-40% (of the selling price) fee. Plus, it’s not uncommon for them to also charge for associated costs, such as appraisals, photographing the item for the catalog, etc. So if your item sells for $100k you’ll probably net $50-60k. Lastly, you may have to go through a broker to get a very high value item into a well respected auction house, as they don’t necessarily take “walk-in’s”. And the broker will charge you a hefty fee as well.

    2. When something gets absurdly expensive, everyone wants a piece of the action. The only way to pocket full market value is to personally connect with very rich people. You won’t.

    3. @Visayas Rider There must be specialized websites for this…for appraising and buying/selling typical items in a pawn shop. Buyers don’t want to overpay in the same way that sellers don’t want to be ripped off.

    1. Jéster yeah, but you’ve gotta wait for years and years till someone would pay the price you’re asking fot

    2. Jéster you can, but unless you have the right connections it’s going to take a very long time to get even close to the price you want. even if you were to go to auction all action houses take a pretty decent cut and have a bunch of fees that cut into what you actually take home

  6. That one time Rick passed on a multimillion Nike collection because he didn’t want to pay 800k for it biggest L ever

    1. @Tic Tac right, people don’t often realize what’s involved in trying to resell something like that. it’s not like he’s going to be able to go and immediately flip the collection for a profit, which is why they don’t often buy collections unless it’s something like precious metals like when they bought over 3000 oz of silver for 111 grand, having a good idea they’d be able to make a nice profit, abd it turned out later that same year after he bought it is when silver hit its highest price ever which would have netted him a 50k profit. that scenario is very rare though especially on large collections

  7. Owner: *brings Rarest stone in the world*

    Rick: *I’ll offer you 10 dollars, I’m taking huge risk here*

  8. Pawn stars is a good show i hope theres no blunder on it it really amazes someone specially the best best buys the great deals and offers what a show its reslly expensive showcasing it

  9. Rick bought a copy of the Declaration of Independence 2 weeks ago for 1.45 million, I believe that’s the record sale on the show right now as of 2021.

  10. Seller: “I have the holy grail Jesus drank from”
    Rick: “Lemme call a buddy, he was one of the 12 disciples”

    1. Then people would know they’re being ripped off and find other ways to sell their items.

    2. I have said the same thing so many times.

      I went to the store and did see the price of some of the items and I was shocked at the markups.

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