The Physical Silver Trap – Must Watch!!

There may be a very real trap in purchasing physical silver coins, rounds, and bars. In this video we take a look at what could leave stackers without any precious metals for long-term wealth preservation! You won't want to miss this one.

Later in the video I open channel mail from the silver stacking community including:
Nathaniel Outdoor Adventures
Miss Southern Belle
Juice Stacker
Prepping With Sarge
Sea Monkey Metals

Welcome to the Silver Oceans channel! My name is Ocean and this YouTube channel is based on silver stacking, numismatics, coin roll hunting, metal detecting, and unboxing precious metals.

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional financial adviser. This video is for entertainment purposes only. All viewers are responsible for their own purchases and investments. Nothing on this channel should be considered financial advice. Consult your own financial adviser if you wish and do your own due diligence.

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66 Comments on “The Physical Silver Trap – Must Watch!!”

    1. what a great feeling to be stacking for years while now the exchanges are running dry. like buying Bitcoin when it was 100 bucks!!

  1. Great mail call. The premiums will stay high for the unforeseeable future in my opinion. The separation between paper and physical metals is incredible.

    1. Thanks for watching and for your comment. I think it’s likely that the paper price with meet the physical price, but with the recent drop in spot, maybe it’s the other way around. It’s so hard to say with these things haha

  2. When I sell silver, I sell it over the replacement price and I replace it. The dip will always be there as long as we have a fiat system.

    1. That selling strategy sounds like what I do. That’s a great way to do it! Thank you my friend!

    2. Silver is sold at spot plus premiums and always sold back at under spot so the spread can be as high 50 percent. It is always in the favor of the seller. Essentially, the truth is that unless the spot price goes into the triple digits most people lose big. The people that really benefitted are those that bought in the single digits 30 years ago. They made fortunes buying metals then.

    3. @Billy Bob hey thanks for watching and your comment! I appreciate it! I sure wish I started buying silver before I did 10 years ago!

    1. @KoDeMondo yeah a lot of people do the same thing via private transactions. If you sell to the bullion dealers, they’ll give you less money.

    2. Stacking enough to buy my Lambo, in retirement. The Lambo-savings plan. Should be there in 2 years. At some point, I feel the need to enjoy the sacrifices I’ve made to accumulate.

    3. @Jason Gundersen haha! Well at least all your saving will get you somewhere, but not something I would do. Thanks for sharing!

    4. I agree buddy this is life savings…..I have stocks for investing…. silver is real money I hold for life……why sell money for debt? Debt baised currency only goes down in value so….. Not getting rich off of silver…..I’m just not going bust with when the fiat currency finally crashes

  3. Anyone selling there silver at 50 dollar spot should be considered totally insane and are very misinformed. Just saying

    1. @identity deleted yeah I just think that’s a dangerous game. Thank you so much for watching!

    1. Hi all I’m new to this channel but here my thoughts: here in Wastern Australia people are normally sell their silver as the same price of bullion dealers or sometimes bit less. Apparently this is common in the whole Australia not sure in USA? So basically when they sell they never loose on the premium! because their price match the Dealers. Do you the same in USA?

    1. I love that philosophy, if you do that, it can really get you out of a jam. So it’s there if you need it!

  4. I’m not sure if I would be able to part with my metals. The goal is more of a savings account for me l, possibly for retirement. $50 would not be convincing enough for me to sell.

    1. Hey @Silver Outlaw, that is awesome! Yeah I’d say hold on to it for as long as possible, and it will always be there if you absolutely need it!

  5. Most people are paying $34 a oz and don’t think many want to sell at $50. We are stacking because the $ is going to 0 so why would we want to swap it for $50?

    1. @T T that’s a great point, if that ends up happening, stackers will really be glad they’ve accumulated PMs! Thanks for watching!

    2. Your point is one of the reasons that I’ve been stacking for eight years until recently retiring. It is the best insurance against the Federal Reserve and the whole currency scheme!

  6. My Silver is a hobby that I feel may be an insurance policy if things go really bad one day, awesome Mail Call

    1. Silver and coins are definitely my hobby too, I just have so much fun with it! Then the benefits of stacking also keep me moving forward. Thanks @Its all Good!

  7. If you think it will take a decade for silver to go above $50 than YOUR NOT PAYING ATTENTION.
    29 trillion in debt
    100 trillion in unfunded liabilities
    Pensions are going bankrupt
    And the mmt fiscal policy of today guarantees hyperinflation.

    1. If the price has been fixed in place where it’s at now for this long, it’s like how much longer can that go on? Is the price artificial? It’s hard to say where a planned spot price will be in 10 years. However, yeah I do agree with the inflation, that’s evident.

  8. There is a risk of buy low sell high … and it just keeps going higher. Then you might need to buy high to get back in. Buyer and seller beware.

    1. Silver and or even Gold are instruments used to hold wealth from those that steal not to hold or worship son for we have God for that and we all know that the way the truth and the Life is only through Christ of whom the World hates and why ? Because they are convicted of they’re sin . Plain Simple and easy and those that call on Jesus will be spared the WRATH to come . 👍 Nothing wrong with having silver or gold just don’t allow it to replace your trust in GOD WE TRUST nor your Love for your neighbors P.S. As I hear I speak and so even I am taught by the Spirit of the Lord our God by the comforter which he sent when he assended on high seated at the right hand of our Father . Peace ✌

  9. Gotta have the plan to hold for at least a decade. Hold for retirement if you can. If done correctly should end up being the last dollars you spend in life.

    1. That’s exactly my thought, thanks for your comment and checking out my channel!

  10. So going on the pretext that bullion dealers are having difficulty acquiring silver, I decided to call up my only LCS (local being 60 miles away) and find out what they are charging for premiums and what they are paying out to those selling silver. I found that my LCS is selling at the highest premiums ever while simultaneously offering the least amount when buying. This seems very strange to me. Why pay out less for silver now, at a time when it can be sold for the highest premiums? Is it simply greed? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

    1. @ZenMaster, thanks for your question. This is my take: Although bullion dealers sell us PM’s, they deal in fiat and their goal is to make fiat dollars, like pretty much any other business. It’s a risk mitigation thing on the buying side, because premiums may end up dropping and they don’t want to be left holding the bag. Also they may be taking advantage of any related fear on the sales side, people are still buying at this high premiums. Thanks for watching!

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