The Victoria Diggers Find Incredibly Rare Gold Sovereign Coins I Aussie Gold Hunters

Whilst waiting for the land to become suitable to mine, Mick and Neville find two incredibly rare gold sovereign coins!

From season 4 episode 11.

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24 Comments on “The Victoria Diggers Find Incredibly Rare Gold Sovereign Coins I Aussie Gold Hunters”

  1. You guys are the best! I love how excited you are about finding cool stuff! Best wishes for the future! 😀⛏️🎖🥇👍

    1. By far, my favorite team on the show. Their passion just pours out, whether its family or gold.

  2. Crazy how there’s not a drop of tarnishing on that silver that’s been in the ground for 140 years.. 🤔

    1. I thought that they found a silver coin holder with several gold coins …same dates? In a different episode?

    2. Would it be the dry conditions? Would it tarnish with near zero exposure to water?

      over on Gold Rush in Alaska they have started up electric motors that have sat in the bush for sixty years with ease. And a huge diesel electric generator looked almost brand new when they opened up the inspection ports.

  3. As a detectorist, I can say that was a total plant! The condition was not that of anything lost in the ground for 1 year let alone over 100 years.

    1. Yeah, that silver was completely untarnished after almost a century and a half in the ground.

    2. for sure…. no gold week but the show must go on. I was surprised they didnt at least attempt to fill it with mud or something to make it a little more realistic

  4. Wow you guys find so much amazing things that nobody else could even dream about being that lucky that many times! It’s almost as if…

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