This Old Gold Coin Collection Keeps GAINING VALUE! Should YOU Own Old Gold Coins Too?

This Old Gold Coin Collection Keeps Gaining VALUE! Should YOU Own Old Gold Coins Too discusses the value in owning old gold coins. The old gold coins in this video have a numismatic edge to them which allows for the value of the gold coins featured in this video to outperform bullion gold coins. Old gold coins, while having a numismatic edge, do carry higher premiums due to their historic and numismatic value. These gold coins are worth stacking but you have to consider your overall gold stacking strategy and if it makes sense for you to pay extra premiums on this gold. I continue to add these rare gold coins to my collection but do not have a limit as to how many I will buy.



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33 Comments on “This Old Gold Coin Collection Keeps GAINING VALUE! Should YOU Own Old Gold Coins Too?”

  1. Definitely a GREAT investment pre33. I don’t EVER see it dropping in value. My favorite design 1907 wire rim ten dollar gold. Thank you for the share and valuable information sir! Stay safe stack and collect on! Peace from Kansas!!!

  2. Good discussion on pre33 . After I complete my 1/4 oz gold tube I might have to give pre33 gold a consideration. In the late eighties when I purchased 4 oz of gold bullion I remember eyeing a Saint Gaudens in the display case and almost made it one of my purchases. I’ve always thought it to be the top pre33.

    1. Many consider the $20 Saint the most beautiful coin design in history. The early 80s Mex Libertad seem an attempt to one up St. Gaudens on the way naturals level. The ultra high relief (reproduced in 2009) is the ONLY reproduction I’ve ever bought (what a presentation box!). Mint Chief Barber was insulted when Roosevelt ordered all the ugly Barber designs be replaced so he lowered the relief to high relief then to circulation relief. The unique wire & flat ultra’s are in the Smithsonian. Today’s AGEs appear steam rolled and. the reverses nothing like the real ones. Given the choice I always went for the Saints in decent or MS condition if slabbed when price was within $100.

  3. I own 1 1907 double Eagle in a green slab PCGS. I got it two years ago and like it better than any new gold that is produced today. You have a nice pre ’33 collection going there

  4. I sold all my pre 33 gold during the last gold hike and I only made profit on the smaller pieces like the $1 gold and the old Standing Liberty gold that the US Mint made not too long ago. The big coins I either broke even or lost a little bit and they are not worth stacking that much value into one item unless you don’t plan on selling.

  5. The only other thing I would add is the variation for the Pre-33 that is the “Indian” style in the same factional denominations as the eagles. $2.5. $5. And $10 respectively. Beautiful pieces for any stacking or collector.

    1. The $10 Eagle was designed by St. Gaudens and was intended to be the $20 double eagle but the one chosen for $20 was too beautiful. The $10 appears rather effiminate to me (and many other commenters before I knew what the word meant). I’ve graded many but never. felt a need to have one unlike all the other US type coins. The incuse complaint is that dirt gets in the groves. It’s so bizarre it doesn’t look like an American (or any other countries) coin. It does bear as much resemblance to any full blooded western native north american I’ve met as the buffalo nickel, a composite of 3 famous chiefs I believe. There’s not enough info nor have I seen enough copper cent examples to form an opinion. 🐥♥️

  6. I just pick up 3 different 20 francs pieces for a $1100. Right around spot. Super happy. I have a bunch of 1/10th, I’m trading up a handful of them for 1/2oz and a 1oz new 2022 eagles. The older pre 1933 good stuff is going high in premiums. Lcs are pretty close to ebay prices. I just like the old stuff due to the historical value. I’m basically trying to get 1 or 2 of every old-school coins, and all new US & RCM in gold coins

  7. Thanks Stormy !! I have a 1913 2.5 dollar Indian head . The prices for Indian heads are all over the place depending on condition . Not a fan of getting coins graded but my dealer saw the coin and suggested I did . So I probably will someday .

  8. Aw man! Now you’re making me doubt. Currently I’m negotiating a deal for my Wilhelmina 10 guilder coin collection (1897-1933), containing all strikes, including a misstrike of a 1898.

    Another point to remember is that old coins have partially been taken out of circulation, and still are. The jeweller I regularly buy 10 guilder gold coins from buys them as scrap gold. If he doesn’t sell, he melts them. A full (type) set will get harder and harder to get. On the other hand, a full (type) set is less liquid as you need to find a collector willing to pay top dollar for them.

  9. Great vid stormy…pre-33 is my absolute favorite coins to stack…so cool to hold a piece of American history in your hand..I’m a newer stacker but so far I’m only stacking A.G.E.s and pre-33…I only have a $5indian, $5liberty & $10 liberty but another pre33 piece will likely be my next Au purchase…I may have to take an hour drive from PA and go visit Steve at his shop, he always seems to have an excellent inventory…

  10. I love the classic pre-33 stuff. Diversified in old gold, new gold, new silver, old silver, and…BTC since 2015! It’s all stored energy.

  11. The market for pre-33 gold is very small compared to bullion and much more subject to fluctuations based on small changes in demand. My opinion as someone that has been a collector for over 20 years is the only reason to buy pre-33 gold is an interest in the history or design of those pieces. The premiums are very high relative to bullion. They are 90% gold not the typical 99.9% of bullion. There are a lot of counterfeit coins out there and even counterfeits in counterfeit slabs. Buyer beware.

    1. The price on some of those rare coins is so sweet it would be surprising if the top counterfeiters used real gold so the gold purity and dimensions met all the specifications of the real coins

  12. Once I bought a couple Double Eagles, I was hooked. The price over spot competes with Buffalos and Maples, but damn, what a beautiful coin! They’re a gorgeous piece of American history. I’ll be buying more.

  13. Thank you your video. Regarding 3:16, the reason why the Double Eagle gold coin had a gold content of 0.9675 troy ounce, which is 30.0926 grams, was because the price of gold in olden days was $20.67 per troy ounce. Therefore its $20 face value was equivalent to its precious metal bullion value.

  14. Great show! Thanks Stormy and Steve. I only purchased Buffaloes and AGE and didn’t have any interest in pre 33. It was my wife that wanted a St Gaudens $20 so we purchased one not long ago and I really loved the coin. I’ll buy more pre 33, if I’m able.

  15. I have 2 pieces… gifts to me and Dad from Christmas 1967. At the time, I was a HS kid who grew up collecting coins, so mine was my apex coin! I may need to obtain a couple more since I’m into matching quarters with tenths, and I have one of each. One is an Indian the other Liberty.

  16. You can actually get a good deal on pre 33 on eBay occasionally but you have to time it right. Apmex sells $20 Libertys and St Gaudens graded by PCGS on special. Random year usually graded 63 or 64. When eBay has a 5% back in eBay bucks promotion going, these qualify. Example, I just got a $20 1904 Liberty Head graded MS-63 for $2060. Coin was $2205 with $100 back from eBay and 2% back from my credit card.

  17. Was buying pre 33 gold from Heritage Auction from 2015 to 2019. I have every denomination including a ms61 $3 gold coin. I have 2 of the 3 $1 gold varieties. I have mostly double eagles. Many I bought for $1300 give or take in ms62 grade. My personal favorite is the $10 Indian Princess. All of these coins have gone up nicely since

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