Top 10 Quarter Errors Over $1,000 – Valuable & Crazy Mint Error Quarters Worth Money

Let's go over some extremely valuable mint error quarters that have sold for over $1,000. This wasn't by value – instead, I picked coins that were above a certain threshold and just stood out for their unique aspects and interesting stories, and here they are. Many of these videos I try to encourage people that they might have some findable coins, but this is less of that situation, and instead a time to check out and look at some of the neatest mishaps to ever make their way out of the mint!


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11 Comments on “Top 10 Quarter Errors Over $1,000 – Valuable & Crazy Mint Error Quarters Worth Money”

  1. And Top 10 Your CHANNEL Numismatic in The World, Like 100% because Always Watch the Good News and The Perfect Video

  2. Hi Christian, I collect errors so really enjoy this type of video . We all have our favorites examples fun to see yours. Bill

  3. How do these get out of the mint???? The guy that sweeps the floor? They need to check their pockets. Lol Thanks Christian EIEI OH MY! 👌👍🏴‍☠️🇺🇸 We will Never forget

    1. Exactly, most of those errors,Mint employees experiment for fun and take them out and sell them to their client dealers, but some of them are real mint process errors and not really purposely made by employees too, in my opinion.

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