Top 10 Rare Coins of India 🔥 भारत के 10 सबसे महंगे सिक्के 😱😱

Top 10 most valuable coins of India
भारत के 10 सबसे ज्यादा कीमत देने वाले सिक्के
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59 Comments on “Top 10 Rare Coins of India 🔥 भारत के 10 सबसे महंगे सिक्के 😱😱”

  1. I found many of these coins while swimming in a river in panvel as a young kid. At the time I didn’t know they have any value the king George one. I only kept two and gave the remaining to other kids or threw them out

  2. George vi king emperor one rupees (2p) EDWARD VII kING AND EMPEROR(1p) GEORGE VKING EMPEROR(2p); MAHESHTALA JALKAL KALKATA (141)

  3. Which is the best power magnifying glass for viewing clearly the mint mark on coins? Please tell if it is 10x, 20x or more.

  4. sir very excellent video. Kindly mention the value of george vi , Jawaharlal Nehru Rs.five and Indira gandhi Rs.five…..value. Thank you for your kind information.and informed how can we sell it, govt.will not ask for Tax ….

    1. Yes i have all of this coin not only 1 but i have 3 pair of both Gandhi’s and one of king george but its 1940 coin. Is that coin made up from silver

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  6. Respected sir,I have some old coins like (1)One rupee India George V King Emperor year -1920 (2) One Rupee India V King Emperor year-1918 (3)1/2 Rupee India George VI King Emperor year -1941(4)One quarter anna George VI King Emperor year -1956 (5)One quarter anna India Edward VII King Emperor year -1906(6) 1/2pice India year-1915 (7)1 pice (horse) year-1915 (8) 25paisa Rural women’s advancement year -1980(9)25 paise Asian Games year -1982(10)2Naya Paisa year -1962(11) 2Naya paisa year -1963

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  8. हेलो रवि जी नमस्कार आपके वीडियो बहुत अच्छे लगे आप दर्शकों के बारे में बताया ज्ञान दिया बहुत-बहुत मेहरबानी बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद

  9. I also have a gupta period gold coin , naga dynasty coin 200 – 300 centurys , akbars coin , 17th century big copper coin and all the coin which were here in this video and perfect one ruppes victoria coin

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