Top 50 Most Valuable Pennies In History

Updated For 2023: The Top 50 Most Valuable U.S. Pennies are constantly changing, and I tried to do my best to do a quick runthrough of some of the highlights of the best errors, varieties, key dates, proofs, patterns, mis-strikes, and other craziness that has happened at the U.S. mint over the past 167 years or so since small-size cent coins started up in 1856!

There have been some re-pricing in coin markets, with certain coins skyrocketing up the ranks, while other coins fall significantly down in value – with one of them going from $1,700,000 in a private sale to $840,000 in public auction (and falling out of #1). Stay updated on our future videos and informational content by subscribing – make sure to do so for great content delivered to your inbox! And be sure to sign up for our email list at

0:00-0:15 Introduction
0:15-4:34 Pennies No. 50 To No. 41
4:34-10:06 Pennies No. 40 To No. 26
10:06-15:39 Pennies No. 25 to No. 11
15:39-18:52 Pennies No. 10 to No. 2
18:52-20:00 Penny Number 1
20:00-20:50 Conclusion


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5 Comments on “Top 50 Most Valuable Pennies In History”

  1. I bet you would’ve made more money off of this if you want to split up and did five parts. This is really good information thank you

    1. Glad to provide it! I figured it would be fun to have a really comprehensive list and not waste people’s time – though I was planning on doing some smaller, more focused videos (like Top 10 Wheat Pennies) or that sort of thing!

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