Top 9 Downsides Of Gold Investing – Should You Avoid Gold?

I personally have about 10% of my investment portfolio in gold, but I still think it's important to consider why you are investing in different products and consider the pros AND cons of various possibilities. Gold stacking is something that has been popular in many different forms for a really long time, and I think that there are some potential good catalysts, but there might also be some real downsides. Let's think through the various factors at play, whether it be asteroid mining, bitcoin, shifting perspectives, or confidence in the dollar and continued low inflation.


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8 Comments on “Top 9 Downsides Of Gold Investing – Should You Avoid Gold?”

  1. I can see the downsides, but if i had gold, it would be in a safe in the back of some closet. I would never EVER let the corrupt bank overlords have access to my silver or gold. Nobody would know expect me, myself and I.

  2. I have 90% gold in hands 8%btc and 2%eth for 2022 because bear,I buy gold on 250 usd first time and 1100 last 1kg and gold go up.

  3. Oh, where is your bank? Quick drive
    from NJ.
    Seriously, I have never believed there
    was gold in Fort Knox, so storing it
    in the bank is the best alternative.
    Touch it, feel it, be happy.
    I have a friend who is meteorologist,
    and does some work for NASA.
    Hopefully they don’t start some kind of
    chain reaction (Kessler Effect).
    YUP, GOLD In the bank.

  4. Off topic , but I noticed the blue bottle on your shelf. I have one, I found bottle hunting mine is a milk of magnesia ( the chas.H.Phillips chemical company , Glenbrook Conn. With a corroded lid ( still sealed with milk of magnesia still inside! And no I will not try and is on display.

  5. In my opinion the biggest threat to gold (or any precious metal) is not recognizing it’s intrinsic value and that it is a physical/tangible asset in a world that is trying to push for more fiat currency either by printing or digitizing. Yes fiat is used to purchase investments, food, etc. etc. but when the system collapses or a 100% portfolio invested in fiat systems gets obliterated due to changes in the game; physical assets like precious metals, real estate, numismatics, and physical products are investments that can CYA through rebuilding. In my opinion diversity is good and I like having a solid percentage of physical, tangible assets as a solid CYA percentage.

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