Unboxing 17 Louis XIV (1643-1715) Rare Tokens & Jetons – Wild Designs & Historical Appeal

I have been continuing to love going through these mixed bags of Jetons, or medieval accounting tokens (often that would have political or social commentary mixed in), that I recently purchased a small collection of. I'm impressed by their significant level of artwork and history combined with their low costs… and the eye appeal on some of these things is super cool! Plus, often getting something so clearly dated seems like it is way under what it should be. Let me know if you think these are as cool as I do – here, we have a group of jetons of Louis XIV of France… what a fascinating search!

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6 Comments on “Unboxing 17 Louis XIV (1643-1715) Rare Tokens & Jetons – Wild Designs & Historical Appeal”

  1. Very nice purchase on these French jetons again, Christian. I think the average price of twenty bucks is absolutely okay, though the demand is not that high compared to regular French coins or silver medals from that time.

  2. Hola amigo buenas tardes buen trabajo guste del vídeo bonitas monedas felicidades gracias por compartir un abrazo 👏👏😊🍀👍

  3. I wonder, what a king’s mind like Louis XIV. was focused on in the 17th. Century, like ’69-’96🤔 Maybe 420 years after the first millenium they were up to something, idk but somehow it’s all making sense now (after i took a hit from the bong)

  4. Christian are there really a market for these obscure pieces you keep buying? seems like only a small clientele would even consider these.

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