Unboxing A $500+ Rare Coin Consignment – Graded Coins, World Silver, & Expensive Items!!

Auction Link for Tuesday 4/25 @ 7PM ET:

I had a really fun time unboxing this consignment that I was recently tasked with selling by a viewer! There were a great mix of interesting graded coins, world silver, unique countries, tokens, silver bullion, and more that I think you'll find pretty neat! It's cool to see my business unfolding as I take on more of a coin-selling business strategy as opposed to just making videos – and it lets me handle way cooler coins each time. Let me know if you have any advice or suggestions, and enjoy the upcoming Whatnot auction through the link above!

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    1. @Melissa55 If you have good skills it’s normal that you can go global and your name is recommended to so many people and from what I’ve heard about Mr Wayne Gorman his strategies must be really good.

    2. Oh please guys, is there any way I can reach out to Mr Wayne Gorman, this sounds so helpful and I would love to be guided well

    3. @Jebbeh Kamara I have the App already installed and will contact him immediately. Thanks for your swift response

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