Unboxing A Coin & Currency Collection – Silver, Rare Countries, Foreign Exchange

Had the opportunity to unbox this smaller collection of U.S. coinage, including a bit of silver, as well as world coins and currency. It was a standard small collection that someone had enjoyed putting together, and I think it's great to learn more about some of the exchange rates involved, my process, how to think about the coins, and the fact that collections can be super cool without spending a ton of money.

(As of June 17, 2021)
1 USD = 1.24 CAD
1 USD = 0.72 GBP
1 USD = 2.02 Belize Dollars
1 USD = 31.41 Thai Baht
1 USD = 1.61 DEM
1 USD = 2.06 Fiji Dollar
1 USD = 6.78 Trinidad Dollar
1 USD = 57.08 Dominican Peso


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26 Comments on “Unboxing A Coin & Currency Collection – Silver, Rare Countries, Foreign Exchange”

  1. *Another great video mate. Love these coin/ banknote hunts. :)*

    PS: The Canadian $50 can go for $40; the German marks can go for $40-50 and the England £20 can go for $40-60 on eBay.

    1. I am in the NYC area – Princeton & Fairfield County CT. Shoot me an email at treasuretownyt[at]gmail[dot]com and we can chat!

  2. Belize dollar = 50 cents US, British pound = $1.31 US. Canadian dollar = 78 cents US. Euro = $1.10 US. Actually, some decent stuff in this lot. I’d value this collection at $250 – $300.

    1. Thank you! I think I paid like $200ish for it, but I did this collection a while back, so I forget exactly (silver was slightly lower)

    2. These are exchange rates, but those notes (Canadian, German & England) are worth much more for their numismatic values.

    3. @daver8521 I know because I’m an eBay seller and have seen for how much these notes are going.

  3. This is what everyone thinks coin collecting looks like, lol problem is no one was out there guiding young coin collectors and this is what they end up with.

  4. I’d call it a replica rather than a fake as I don’t believe it was designed to be sold as legitimate

  5. id give u 25usd for the uk 20 note pity its battered , all uk round pounds are no longer legal tender as is the 20 note

    1. Currencies that are not anymore legal tender are worth more for their numismatic values (especially British pound). That £20 is worth at least $40.

  6. Did you know that the Bank of England £20 note is still legal tender until July 31st then after that only polymer banknotes are legal tender in the uk except the rare £100 pound notes

  7. Interesante vídeo amigo guste del contenido preciosas monedas gracias por compartir un abrazo buenas tardes 👏👏👏👏👍

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