Unboxing A Huge $1,200 Coin Collection I Bought: 17th & 18th Century Silver French Jetons

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I stepped up and bought a $1,200 group of silver French jetons recently, and I feel like I got a very attractive price on this group considering the condition and history represented in the material I was able to source. These coins or tokens would have theoretically been used for accounting and counting purposes, but many of the silver ones were more struck as mementos and commemorative medals that captured a moment, city, or other important cultural goings-on. I find these fascinating, and have kept most of them in my own collection to display the gorgeous history represented on the material. However, I also will likely have to sell off a few of these, as the purchase price doesn't go easy on the wallet. Thanks for watching the unboxing – it was super fun to do – and see you in the Whatnot auctions!

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14 Comments on “Unboxing A Huge $1,200 Coin Collection I Bought: 17th & 18th Century Silver French Jetons”

  1. No risk, no fun, Christian ! These French jetons are awesome, but I also know that the market for French numismatic stuff is a little bit smaller than for American, Chinese or German coins and medals. Be also careful with French medals, there are a lot of modern restrikes from the original dies on the market. Greets from GER, U.

    1. Good point – that is quite true. I thought that this was a good risk especially after seeing the coins! Very challenging to find this type of material other places, especially at prices close to the ones I’ve paid.

    1. Reach out to me at treasuretownyt@gmail.com – have been selling them mostly by auction and want to keep some… they are in pretty high demand! I haven’t been able to find more decent looking ones at close to these prices… this was a pretty good buy I thought.

  2. Cool stash for certain…

    One would wager in Reno that most of those were melted in the 40s by Germany.

    Not going to find one in a coinstar return slot overlooked….

  3. Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great or the Sun King, was King of France from 14 May 1643 until his death in 1715. Would explain the stylized Sun on the coin. Great pickups.

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