Unboxing an Indian Head Penny Roll That Claimed “Unsearched” on eBay – Scammed or Steal?

We're back with another roll unboxing from eBay, and this time it is a lot of 50 Indian Head Pennies that I purchased for about $70 with taxes and shipping included. I have always enjoyed doing these types of searches, so it was fun to check out what this roll contained – some day we will do a little bit better, though I wasn't totally disappointed with the results of this search! Let me know – have you ever gotten any better coins in an eBay roll?


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28 Comments on “Unboxing an Indian Head Penny Roll That Claimed “Unsearched” on eBay – Scammed or Steal?”

  1. I know this is off-topic, but I sure like that shirt that sitting behind your head! Lol we don’t get a lot of Indian head pennies up here in Canada unless they’re generously sent to us from our wonderful brothers in the US! Lol

  2. If the roll was “unsearched,” how come it turned out lower-end 100% Indian Head cents in the sort of wrapper that wasn’t around until the 1960s? This is a misrepresentation. You were scammed, but fortunately you were prepared for it.

  3. At least you got decent coins for the most part. The roll was better than I expected, but I don’t think it was unsearched.

  4. 65$ WOW, that’s ridiculous that the eBay seller is able to sell them for that price. I mean honestly do you really think there are “unsearched’ rolls… it’s not like anyone’s finding 1860s or 1870s and definitely never a 08s or 09s.

  5. Nothing great but at least you got some content. Doubt if you thought anything good would be there, Did they use paper tools 100 years ago. Bill

  6. You seem to be a decent enough dude Christian… I wish you’d done better. It’s hard to believe that whoever put those coins in the wrapper didn’t inspect them first because that Coin roll wrapper looks identical to what I’ve bought from the Dollar Store. I hope you have better luck next time.

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