Unsearched (?) Marketed Wheat Penny Roll Search – I Told You So!

Had a chance to search through some highly marketed and curated rolls of wheat pennies… that sentence doesn't make much sense, but any time you see these types of penny rolls, proceed with caution. Unfortunately, many people pay far more than what coins are worth for some fancy packaging, and this is likely a good example of just that happening. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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16 Comments on “Unsearched (?) Marketed Wheat Penny Roll Search – I Told You So!”

  1. So awesome! Wheats are one of my favorite types of coins! Crushed the like button! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Good stuff my man. Your editing and stuff is getting to that professional level. Keep em coming. Thank you for letting us know what to stay away from and such.

  3. Bummer man, I have bought some of those “” Unsearched”” rolls too and I actually got so fed up with the scammer’s I sent a roll back to the seller, paid 9 Buck’s and the damn shipping was 5 bucks but the roll was a purple crepe paper same color inside and out, most old rolls are faded on the outside. So I won’t buy them again from a ebay seller. Good topic to demonstrate how they do it, just one of the many tricks they use to hustle someone.😄✌️👍

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