We have a 1955 DDO Penny! Fake or real???

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20 Comments on “We have a 1955 DDO Penny! Fake or real???”

  1. My wife knows i love coin and got me a few from wish i believe.. Look real but fakes not marked in any way.. A seated half dollar dated 1888. Both have iron cores

  2. I would not advise buying coins from Wish. I am into the Templars and bought a Templar coin. I just liked it. However, once I got it I started researching it and found out it was a fake of a beautiful Roman Booteen coin. I think someone in China was making them. I reported it.
    On the bright side, I became a very big fan of Roman Booteen. He makes the most beautiful, intricate hobo coins. Some day, maybe I can afford to own a real one. ❤

  3. The Chinese are making the real forgeries and they’re also making the slabs. Not just pennies, but all denominations. They’re all over online I am pretty sure about it. Buy in person from a professional.

  4. J, that’s not even right. My heart skipped a beat when the picture popped up on my phone. Good info though.

  5. Very interesting. Always use caution when buying coins and buy from reputable dealers. The repro pennies are cool. I will have to check them out. Thanks!

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