Why I Love Coin Grading + It’s Impact On The Coin Industry (PCGS & NGC)

Coin grading companies have done so much for the coin collecting hobby, and I want to explore some of the benefits with my viewers today. This is not a sponsored video – rather, it's something that I think should help people understand the massive benefits that grading companies such as PCGS and NGC have bestowed on the hobby. Some of them are very obvious, while others are really specific, but the massive confidence they've instilled in the market along with the research, imaging, collection-enabling, and industry strengthening that has been a result of their actions. Comment your thoughts down below – I'd be interested in hearing them.


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13 Comments on “Why I Love Coin Grading + It’s Impact On The Coin Industry (PCGS & NGC)”

    1. 40 dollars is the new cheap morgan price( unless there culls). they are more popular now then i think ever before.

    2. @Treasure Town seen a raw morgan on ebay the other day!! Price was like $2000!!!! If its that good of coin why not invest in it!!

  1. Something cool i just found out they have holders called lighthouse quickslabs are great for stuff that shouldnt be graded but you still want to keep safe or on display. like kennedys or maybe some cool toned pennys or broken proof sets. there kinda like ngc looking and there 2 3 bucks each not to crazy. This is no sub for real gradeing but i wish i know about them sooner. i got 10 and im gonna put my 1882 1883 Colombia half dollars in there. just got them today wish me luck

  2. I’m not really with you on this. There is so much inconsistency among graders. It is really hard to get a good population count on some coins because so many examples have been cracked out of their cases and resubmitted.

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