World Coin Dealer Matthew Tavory on the World Market Pulse, Shipwreck Coins, Siege Coins, and More

I love world coins, but haven’t dealt much with the higher end of world coinage from a buying and selling perspective. I sat down with Matthew Tavory, who is found at ( ), and who is a world-coins-only coin dealer who used to grade at NGC, to talk about world coins… and we went for a long time!! We covered a lot of different aspects of the world coins market, from world coin bullion to shipwreck coins to siege coins to how the market works, how graded coins work, and who’s buying… probably one of the most informative sessions I’ve ever had (and certainly the longest). If you tell me you learned nothing from this video, I’d be pretty surprised… see for yourself!


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7 Comments on “World Coin Dealer Matthew Tavory on the World Market Pulse, Shipwreck Coins, Siege Coins, and More”

  1. Hey Christian how are you doing! 1 hour interview with Matt is awesome! I love to hunt coins, collect them, and buy and re sell them! After I’m done homework I’ll go through my coin collection! Have an amazing day everyone and keep up the awesome work Christian 😊

  2. Great video. 10 minutes into this and I just want to say, dealing with foreign coins, especially in this market, to have success you really need to be skilled at valuing coins. Most of these higher grade, rare coins are VERY small markets. In addition to the essentials, previous action sales, population numbers, etc., one really needs to have a God-given talent in determining value, not just when selling but especially when buying.

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