1. Love this video please can you tell me where do you get your appraisal done at and where do you put it up for auction I’m interested ..I may be holding one of these

  2. Good info – I jotted down some notes on some of the error coins. Just an fyi though – the1924S & 1927s wheat pennies are not worth that much – the Red book (2016 edition) has them valued a lot lower. 1924S at VF20 is listed as $5.50, and the 1927S VF20 @ $5.

    1. I think it’s advised that if have those coins, then you should take them to 3 different very well known coin dealers in or around your area to be appraised. The condition the coin is in, plays a big role as well. Good luck. And please don’t get discouraged by what that book says, you might be surprised

  3. I’m a coin collector, and those coins in the thumbnail (buffalo nickels, Jefferson nickels, and V nickel)are literally worth a dollar a piece. I wish I had the 1955 double die penny!

  4. I just watched this video for one reason that I have some old coins and they look so real and valuable, sometimes I was thinking for sale but I don’t because I like to keep them save for a good luck.

  5. The 1913 liberty nickel is not worth a couple thousand. It is worth over 5 million in auction. And there are only 5 so you will never just find one.

  6. That was amazing. I had never heard of all that. My dad is a coin collector. I’m going to tell him about this incredible video.

  7. One rarity you didn’t mention is a 1944 (any mint) STEEL Cent (Penny). Like the 1943 “Copper” (actually bronze), which very few were made from left over stock, the 1944 STEEL Cent was minted from left over stock of the 1943 Cents. (The 1944 Belgium 2 Franc coin was actually the “left overs” from the ’43 steel Cent by the US for WW II after D-Day.

  8. One of the very recent collectible quarters which can be $30 or more dollars worth, probably more later, is a 2019 and 2020 quarters that have letter “w” instead of “p” or “d”. It’s printed at West Point. Even rarer and more valuable is one with the privy mark “V75”. That’s the most recent valuable quarter. This tiny mark is located to the left of Washington’s head. Worth digging through quarters, BUT keep in mind the chance of finding it is approximately 1 in a thousand as a rough estimate.

  9. I work at a convenient store running the register. What I love about my job, is I have a hard time understanding how some people could spend the change they do. Me being a collector of coins, when someone brings in and spends something that looks as if it has more than just face value, I buy it out of the register. I ran across a 1937 Buffalo head nickel the other day and was wondering if you could give me an idea of it’s value. It’s in decent shape and of course, I’m hoping I have found my fortune!

    1. Best I can tell you is go to a antique store and have them check it out, or try and find a local collector that is trust worthy

  10. About 90% of these coins are more in collector’s hand then being in circulation and once in awhile you might find few standard Lincoln wheat pennies or some quarters and dimes made before 1964 but all the rest were out dated about 70+ years ago.

    1. @eduardo engracial It’s not really where you invest but instead it’s more when you can afford to invest into something.

      There is more places where to invest then enough time when to invest.

      From my experience the best investment is the one thing that everyone will regret not getting and pay bit more to get it later on.

  11. I Hit $45k in shiba today. Thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months. Started with $14k last year December

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  12. I’m so happy I went over this video has truly help my life in a positive manner which I can’t say finish, My appreciation goes to the above name . Thank you for making it feasible for me

  13. Highly valuable information and I am so thankful for you sharing this video! I watched this video a few years ago and am rewatching now!

    1. You’re very much welcome and thanks for watching! We’re so glad you enjoyed this video. What other types of video would you like to see?

    2. @Facts Verse Helo facts Verse I have some old coins and I want to sell but I don’t know how can I contact to you

  14. I work in retail…i could only imagine how many of some of these coins i might have handled without realizing its value

    1. Big possibility! At least, you now know to double check these coins. What other types of video would you like to see on our channel?

  15. i’m glad I got into crypto when I did because it’s been a turning point for me financially,been my best decision so far

    1. Yeah she is one hell of a genius,i grew mine from 4k to 38k with her as well,though not as much as yours but it flet

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