0.5 g Pure Gold Coin: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep: Mintage: 10000 (2014)

Third coin in our 11-millimetre gold coins!

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In Canada, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep inhabits the Rocky Mountains of central and eastern British Columbia and western Alberta. While they do not technically migrate, herds travel seasonally from highland habitats in the summer to lower, south-facing valleys in the winter, where they can forage beneath the snow for grasses. Scientists believe that the Bighorn Sheep of North America, including the Rocky Mountain, Sierra Nevada, and Desert subspecies, originally arrived via Siberia’s Bering land bridge some 20,000 years ago, reaching a population of more than one million by the middle of the nineteenth century.

The powerful Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep is one of Canada’s most distinctive and identifiable wild sheep species. Order your coin today!

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0.5 g Pure Gold Coin: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep