10 RARE Canadian Coins Recently Sold at Auction Worth Good Money!!

10 RARE Canadian Coins Recently Sold at Auction Worth Good Money!! These coins are valuable because of their mint errors and condition or coin grade.

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22 Comments on “10 RARE Canadian Coins Recently Sold at Auction Worth Good Money!!”

  1. Really nice Canadian errors specially the Canadian 25 cents over struck German coin. And the double reverse penny I will look on my Canafian coins now.

  2. All the Canadian coins I’ve looked at and I’ve yet to find the Holy Grail! Thanks for the share…great video as usual!

  3. Can you put a video of mercury dimes from 1936- 1944 just wondering i have just like new especially my 1943’s. And what does it cost to join your club and how much is your coin book going for. Thank you for explaining everything you talk about.

  4. I was looking through all of my nickels and I found 2 2004-D of them with a Lewis & Clark and a Louisiana Purchase on the back of these. I didn’t even know that they made these in 2004. Are they worth anything beside a nickel? I also found a 1980 Canadian penny like you were talking about in my pennies.

  5. Great video – That last coin you showed, dateless with the two obverses stuck together – why does the holder say 1953-64? The portrait on that obverse is from 1965-1989. The coin couldn’t have been struck before ’65? Should I assume there’s an error on that holder, or is there something else happening here that I’m not aware of?

  6. I have the 1947 Blunt 7 Canadian penny. A 1953 & 55 NSF pennies. There brown though. Got in an unsearched bag of wheat pennies 10 yrs ago. There were also 2 1909 S vdb pennies in it. What a score at 3.5 cents each. I spent $16.00. Thanks for great video.

  7. I’ve got a 1947 pointy 7 coin. Not that good grade though, just… to be expected given its age.

  8. I have a 1981 penny struck only on one side. I’d love to sell it for max value. Any advice? Who should I see to help w pricing?

  9. I’m interested in coin collecting and would like help in making some money doing this for extra income. thank you for the info you share know its appreciated. I like how you stick to the title and keep things factual without all the extra added info. Short and to the point makes info easier to absorb for me

  10. Hi just seen on your channel. very new to collecting coins but was looking 3 Canadian coin one of them is the 19821 cent coin in very good condition. would like to sell this one, oldmick

  11. The last one’s grading makes absolutely no sense, between 1953 and 64 the portrait was different… I think this oversight on NGCs part makes this coin even more valuable 😛

  12. Being offered is a rare 1998 Canadian maple leaf penny. Queen on the obverse and maple leaf on the reverse. The condition is a glossy near mint/mint.
    Starting bid: $250

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