$100 Coin Mystery Grab Bag Unboxing & $2,000 Restock – Fair or Foul?

Was able to restock $2,000 worth of $100 grab bags here ( ) and I reverse unboxed about 11 or 12 of them before I sent them off! I generally thought that the margins were too small, and while they are relatively slim, I felt the need to move more of the items, and $100 is much more in reach for most collectors. Hope that you enjoy these, and please let me know if you think they are fair or unfair!


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11 Comments on “$100 Coin Mystery Grab Bag Unboxing & $2,000 Restock – Fair or Foul?”

  1. I love these grab bag videos Christian! It looks like all of these boxes will be a good value to the buyer! Those are all good looking coins! Take care, and thanks for sharing!


  3. Christian, excellent selection Brother !. Definitely Fair Friend !!. Awesome variety !!!. Just wanted to know your thoughts Sir Christian on the “Godless” (In God We Trust – missing) errors of which Mint says it has produced a total of 340,360,000 of the Washington dollars, for example. So “thousands” with missing inscriptions would still constitute only a small percentage of the total. What do you think C wise investment or not Sir, this I ask ?. Silver Arpad

  4. Excellent grab bags! Great for all, epecially for newer collectors that aren’t sure what they like most yet. Such a wonderful variety. I would definitely feel these are all above the value of the cost. Thank you for showing us what’s typically included. Very honest, and fair, as you always are 🌟🌟🌟
    I love to see you venturing out into all the new things as well. Like you’re specific to date videos on US and foreign coins, and all you’re doing on your site. You are a great asset to the coin community, as well as other collectibles. I’m not good with text, probably using wrong wording, so please forgive me. Thanks, and Blessings to you always 🌟🌟🌟

  5. I like that you put Columbia Expo coins in as I rarely see or hear anything about them.
    My brother did his Master’s thesis on the Columbia Expo so I ended up getting him one of those coins for a gift. I hit local coin shops initially and oddly enough, very few of them had heard of it and no one had any – I had to eBay it.
    In light of the fact that it’s supposed to be the first collectable coin ever minted by the US government, you’d think it would be more popular and better known?

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