1/10 oz Pure Gold Coin: The Wolf: Mintage: 4000 (2013)

3rd of the O Canada pure gold coin series!


The howl of a wolf pack sends shivers down even the most stalwart spine. Yet, in the entire written history of Canada, there is not a single record of a wolf having killed a human being. Canada boasts the world’s second-largest wolf population, with estimates between 50,000 and 60,000. For eons, this powerful, mysterious, resilient creature has roamed free throughout northern and western Canada and in the region around the Great Lakes, singing its song to the coming and going of the moon.

Your 1/10 oz pure gold coin is the third of the exciting O Canada featuring iconic Canadian animals. With only 4,000 coins available worldwide, it is bound to sell out quickly—so order yours today!

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