12 Treasure X Sunken Gold “Hunters” WE FOUND REAL GOLD COINS! Challenge Adventure Fun Toy Review!

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12 Treasure X Sunken Gold “Hunters” WE FOUND REAL GOLD COINS! Challenge Adventure Fun Toy Review! The all new Treasure X Sunken Gold Hunters Season 5 includes all 12 Treasure X Hunters and a chance to find four Ultra-Rare Real Gold Dipped Coins Treasure! There are four categories of Treasure X Hunters to collect including: Gold Divers, One Hit Plunderers, Sea Punks and Bottom Dwellers. In each these categories there’s a total of three hunters to collect, for a total of 12 Gold Treasure Hunters: from the Gold Divers the Ultra Rare Water-Filled figure, King Gold Crown, Exis and Sir Octo, One Hit Plunderers includes the all Ultra-Rare snapping acting figures: D.J. Frenzy, Grandmaster Splash and ASAP Crocky. Sea Punks includes the Ultra-Rare Color Changing Iggy La Goon action figure, Johnny Rotten-Crab and Syd Fishus. Bottom Dwellers includes the Ultra-Rare Water Squirting action figure Gold Puff, Steal Eel and Bling Shady. Along with four common treasure Goldi-Octs, Angry Angler Fish, Gold Claw and Treasure Fish, as well as the four Ultra-Rare Gold dipped treasures: Diver Doubloons, Deep Sea Stash, Plunder Pounds and Punk Pesos! Each rare gold coin has a reverse Pirate skull and cross swords on the other side! Like Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates, this will be as fun with all true Treasure X Hunters, and their gold quest maps in hand going after those real gold doubloons as Jake, Izzie and Cubby! But watch out for any Captain Hooks, or Davey Jones around who might try and spoil the treasure hunt. This is a how to unbox the all new Treasure X Sunken Gold Series 5 Hunters Treasure Toy Review. Join Dad on this exciting step-by-step treasure map quest hunt for real gold, smashing through sea bottles for that treasure that has been dipped in real gold! This quest for the gold treasure and treasure hunters begins with his treasure map to begin the adventure! Let the gold treasure hunting of Treasure X Sunken Gold Coins begin! Have AdventureFun! watching this family fun Treasure X Season 5, hunt for sunken gold treasure, and toy action figures, toys review by Dad!!


34 Comments on “12 Treasure X Sunken Gold “Hunters” WE FOUND REAL GOLD COINS! Challenge Adventure Fun Toy Review!”

  1. Hi Adventure fun! Thank you so much for making this video and reading my comment. This was extremely helpful! Also this was a great video I really enjoyed! Your videos always put a smile on my face!

  2. Who else thinks that a medieval knights set would be really cool? That’s something I would like to see in the future.

  3. For everyone saying left with just an figure, having the ship completes that. My son has two ships with all of his treasure hunters.

  4. For us the hardest to find was Iggy Lagoon. My son adores pirates, has the ship and sharks, and had doubles of all but no Iggy. What I did figure out is if you’re looking for the ultra rates, the color of the squid does matter as well as the font of the code. The code font is almost italic on super rare figures, then pick the color the rare figure mainly comes in like the red squid for the Iggy Lagoon, Blue for Grand Master Splash. I did save the examples of this, after buying nearly 30 and never getting Iggy, I figured out we didn’t have any red with italic code. Sure enough, both were Iggy, no gold because they were the 03 code. I will upload a link of the photos if possible.

    1. AdventureFun! Absolutely! I appreciate your video going into detail about the code. We do the same for other things like the Jurassic World Mini Action Dinos, they always follow a pattern even on new releases.

    1. No problem : ] also I tried to get an 02 pack at the store but there were no codes other than the bar code it’s weird maybe it was cursed?

  5. Hello, I was wondering on my treasure x bottles one of the bottoms had a white sticker that covered up the code and I was wondering what that meant. I was wondering if u could help me out with that. Thanks

  6. Thanks for sharing. I got a 07 number one for my son for xmas? Dont know if its a new series or not? Or ifs cause im in Australia. Think ill lool closer at all the codes on the shelf

  7. Commenting again. So in Australia we have 06 and 07 in this series of treasure x. At kmart there was all 07 bottles and at big w there was mostly 06 and hardly any 07 bottles. Im curious if which number is most likely over here to have the gold coins (we really want one because my son collects coins). We got the gold divers and a treasure fish in the 06 bottle

  8. Guys you wont believe it,ALL o2s are perfect, tried this got 3/5 GOLDEN COINS,and decided to try this on other treasure x, like mythical beast,and I got the super rare black metallic dragon, but it was only one so I dont have enough info to say it always works in other treasure x.works perfectly in these tho! Just liked and subbed

  9. Treasure X is really nailing it on Exis.. I do feel they should make more variants. Although, Exis is cool already

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