1/25 oz Fine Gold Coin – Bald Eagle – Mintage: 10,000 (2013)

12th issue in this series of intricate 1/25 oz pure gold coins!

Bald Eagles are found across Canada, thriving on the country’s Pacific Coast in particular. Bald Eagles prefer to nest in large trees near isolated, well-stocked bodies of water. Their nests are among the largest in the world, sometimes several metres in height!


The great Bald Eagle is an amazing predator whose image has become synonymous with the notions of freedom, majesty, strength and individualism in North America—particularly for its well-known symbolic status in the United States of America. Eagles, in general, are renowned as much for their hunting skills, speed, and strength as for their striking looks and size. A large brown-feathered raptor with white-feathered head and tail, razor-sharp talons and sharp hooked beak, the Bald Eagle’s vision is four times sharper than in humans, and is key to its hunting prowess.

A perfect gift for bird lovers.

Special features:
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1/25 oz Fine Gold Coin – Bald Eagle – Mintage: 10,000 (2013)