16 Comments on “1900 O Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Review”

  1. @Asuract For gold content alone, likely well over $1000. Factor in
    Numismatic value and it could be worth a lot more. Pick up Red Book Coins
    from Amazon. Look up the coin and the prices for the various

  2. How much does sale for ? have one it’s same year and little better
    condition then this one but mine does not have the “O” or anything there ..

  3. I have a gold Morgan 1 dollar 1900 mint mark O coin, and I can’t seem to
    find it anywhere online, I thought maybe I was just blind, and it was
    silver, but after comparing your Morgan to mine (was my great grandmothers)
    i can see clearly that mine is Gold. Do you have a rough idea of what it
    might be worth or a place that may have another one to compare?

  4. Dunno have not graded it. It is circulated though. Red Book Coins is a
    great book if you wanna gauge coin value. Thank you for watching and please
    feel free to check out my other coin vids too!

  5. I would love to but don’t have the cash to buy one now. Stay tuned and feel
    free to subscribe to my channel though, I’ve got a lot more coin videos now
    and a lot of additional coin videos coming soon. Thanks for the feedback
    and have a great day!

  6. Pick up a current copy of Red Book Coins from Amazon. It’s cheap and should
    give you a rough estimate of numismatic value in varying condition. Cheers!

  7. @IrixGuy If it shows significant value, you might want to pay the forty
    bucks or so to have ANACS professionally grade it. Tgat certifies the
    condition and authenticity of the coin and enables you to sell it if you
    want to.

  8. @IrixGuy Just be sure to reference Red Book Coins first for a solid
    estimate of value in worst condition vs best condition so that a buyer
    doesn’t try to offer you much less than it is worth.

  9. Pick up Red Book Coins from Amazon or local book store. It’ll give you a
    rough idea of potential value in varying conditions. Great book! Thank you
    for watching!

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